Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

Select a year to view both processed and scheduled tax payments. There’s an enormous amount of detail to track, especially if you’re trying to do it all on paper. Tax agencies can assess stiff fines if payroll filings and taxes aren’t received by the scheduled dates. Benefits providers can cut off services, such as health insurance if you fall behind on payments. Cloud-based payroll applications can help ensure that you fulfill all of these obligations with precision and timeliness. We reviewed nine of the most popular online small business accounting services.

  • GoCo is unique because it’s built to flexibly support your existing processes, policies, and providers.
  • RUN Powered by ADP also offers a variety of HR resources, but only in their top plans.
  • Since our payroll software is online, you only need access to a web browser and the Internet.
  • Business owners who already use payroll software they enjoy can integrate it with TimeTrex, as well as sync it automatically with TimeTrex’s attendance tracking.
  • When it comes to the need to pay employees, Paychex can handle salaried workers, or hourly wage employees and contract work.
  • Payroll software tools can make small business owners’ lives easier, keep them up to date on payroll tax compliance and the payroll tax administration, and save them money on potential tax fines.

OnPay also lets you sync payroll information with most time-tracking and accounting software. If you have your own payroll system, you can sync and transfer it when you use OnPay. They also provide employee self-service, leave management, benefits administration, and over 100 different reports.

Why Choose Gocos Embedded Payroll Software For Your Small Business?

If you live in a state with more complicated payroll taxes, such as New York or Maryland, state-specific calculators can help to check that you’re withholding the right amount. For starters, it allows users to pay both W2 and 1099 employees. The software also can print checks and calculate federal, state, and local taxes. Furthermore, users can export their payroll data to be integrated with accounting and banking software like QuickBooks. These 5 free small business payroll software are reliable, offer solid payroll features, and best of all, have zero cost. It offers a streamlined and secure system where you can automatically convert timesheet data into payroll. It can even be programmed to send online payslips as soon as the computations are complete.

  • Gusto is reasonably priced, offering a wide range of price plans between $39.00 per month + $6.00 per employee to $149.00 per month + $12.00 per employee.
  • It offers world-class integration in addition to automatic data synchronization for easier and fast payroll.
  • An excellent cloud-based option with a comprehensive set of payroll features.
  • We lined up our top picks for the best payroll software solutions that will best fit your business’ needs and budget.
  • By using Patriot Payroll it’s possible to tackle both your accounting and payroll tasks, with the emphasis on ease of use, especially for small business owners.
  • Setup fees ranged from $25 to $200, but reps often offered to waive the fee if we signed up immediately.

Quickbooks goes back to 1983, being one of Intuit’s earliest products. The software includes direct deposit and has an employee portal where pay stubs, tax forms, and vacation and sick balances can be accessed. Paycor offers easy, intuitive navigation, with complete initial system configuration handled by Paycor.

Setting Up Your Payroll

Patriot Payroll offers an affordable suite of well-regarded products covering accounting and payroll, with add-ons that can cover HR and time and attendance reporting. For price-conscious companies looking for a single, integrated package, it’s worth a look. Be aware that the Basic level does not include tax filing and depositing. These features are included at the Full Service level, which bumps the monthly base fee to $30 — but keeps the per-employee fee low at $4 per month.

And more and more businesses want to streamline and automate many areas of their business, especially stressful and repetitive ones. Primarily an HR platform but offers plenty of useful payroll tools.

Software Pricing Tips

This report gives a breakdown of all of the employer contributions you have made for your employees. This report groups employees under specific employer contributions (e.g., 401 match). Your go-to report for breaking down year-to-date details by employee, location, totals, or checks.

You can track medical or FFCRA sick leave and automate FFCRA tax credits. Get HR tools like e-signing, in-app offer letters, online W-4, and I-9 forms, personnel checklists, direct messaging, compliance audits, document templates, and many more.

Workers Comp + Benefits

Additionally, while Gusto has more employee add-ons than many other online payroll systems, it’s not a total HR management solution. Our Gusto HR review can tell you more, but if you need more than the most basic HR, you’ll want to look elsewhere—like Paychex. Small business users with reasonably modest needs will find the power and potential behind SurePayroll ideal. It offers quick and easy payroll processing, but it’s also useful for handling and managing company data. SurePayroll can also be easily adapted to suit the needs of businesses working across a variety of industries. Small business users looking for a cloud-based package that can handle HR tasks and payroll will find Zenefits a good fit. One of the cheapest payroll solutions out there for small businesses, Sage Payroll.

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

Jeff White is a business finance expert with experience starting and operating businesses of all sizes. He has started and operated his own businesses and assisted in the purchase and growth of several companies in the manufacturing, trucking, construction, and financial software industries. He holds a law degree from Purdue University’s Concord Law School and an MBA from Baker College. Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in part by affiliate partnerships, and we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity. The editorial content on this page is not provided by any of the companies mentioned and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Gusto is an all-in-one people platform that simplifies payroll many human resources tasks. SurePayroll provides its customers with fast yet accurate tax calculations.

In Summary: The 5 Best Free Payroll Software

Similar to Square Payroll, it received high ratings in almost all criteria except for ease of use and popularity among users. While OnPay provides payroll services for different business types, its interface isn’t customizable and the number of third-party software it integrates with is limited. You can start with a lower-tier plan and move to the more expensive and more robust ones as necessary. The simplest plan is Paychex Flex Essentials starting at a monthly base price of $39 plus $5 per employee. Paychex Flex Select, Paychex Flex Pro, and Paychex Flex Enterprise, which offer more robust features, are available at quote-based pricing. OnPay may be a great option for you to consider when you want free help switching payroll companies, including the migration of prior period payroll data.

Workers compensation insurance is not available in OH, ND, WA and WY. That means our software is efficient and intuitive as a company grows from one to 500+ employees. We make things simple for companies likedental practicesand law firms. We also get tipped wages right forrestaurants, and we process special tax filings forfarms,nonprofits, and churches. Cost is often a determining factor when considering whether outsourcing payroll is the right decision for your business. On one hand, you may feel that your business can’t absorb the added cost of paying someone else to manage payroll.

Payroll Software Faq

We received a variety of quotes and setup fees for a 10-person business, which fell between $150 to $200 per month, making it an expensive choice compared to all the software on this list. Setup fees ranged from $25 to $200, but reps often offered to waive the fee if we signed up immediately. Workful is one of the easiest-to-use online payroll services available. The left-side main menu is intuitive, and the dashboard is clean. Setup is easy enough, with a tutorial that walks you through establishing your services. Once you have the time-clock set up, it’s kind of hands-off work for you.

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

All financial products, shopping products and services are presented without warranty. When evaluating offers, please review the financial institution’s Terms and Conditions.

We lined up our top picks for the best payroll software solutions that will best fit your business’ needs and budget. Their accounting module lets you create customized invoices, manage taxes, scan receipts, generate accounting reports, calculate payment transactions and exchange rates. They also offer a direct deposit option and help you pay the contractors easily through wave Accounting. Experience smooth accounting and payroll management in a single platform of Xero. Pay your employees without errors and secure your basic records within the software. Payroll software is designed to automate payroll processes such as managing salaries, wages, deductions, bonuses, and taxes. It is also capable of tracking time off, employee benefits, vacation accrual, and much more.

Of course, Zenefits revolves around its powerful HR tools, from general administration through to onboarding and performance reviews. We turn to automation and increasingly sophisticated payroll and time and attendance software solutions. And every small or medium business owner also knows that payroll is indispensable, just like human resources and time tracking. One in three small businesses report spending more than 80 hours – the equivalent of two full weeks of work – each year on federal taxes, including payroll taxes.

Whether you need to track your employees’ time easily to ensure they clock in without needing to check in on them, or provide clear timesheets for payroll, Connecteam does it all, and then some. Access your company data quickly along with important information with more autonomy and effective reporting. PayFit is compatible with QuickBooks, Sage, Netsuite, and Xero. You can also verify reports and eliminate errors and export them for HR and finance teams. With TRAXPayroll’s seamless integration with BambooHR, data like hours, wages, account numbers, deductions, benefits, and withholdings sync automatically. As a result, you can avoid double data entries and maintain your data updated. KashFlow helps you assess employees automatically and enroll them based on a qualifying plan.

Some of the features include invoicing, online payments, benefits management, a self-service portal, accounting, lending, receipts, the ability to print paychecks in-house, and more. Let them handle the heavy tax calculations and then file and pay the payroll taxes on your behalf. Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses If you want, you can always proceed with direct deposit on the same day. You can also manage employee benefits and HR using the same account. Manage everything in a single place and approve payroll only when everything is ready, and gain integrated employee solutions.

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